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Please add your contact information and your school brand details, while we work on the finishing touches of the new design.

We’ll let you know when we’ve enabled it and then you can turn it on when you are ready.

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Your School Brand

If you are on our Plus or Premium packages you can also add your school branding to your site.

Primary colour

Please let us know your primary colour as a hexadecimal (for example #A51D4E) or RGB code (for example R165, G29, B78).

Your school's main brand colour. This will be used for the colour band across the top of every page, and will have your logo or school name in it

Page background colour

Please let us know your page background colour as a hexadecimal (for example #A51D4E) or RGB code (for example R165, G29, B78).

The page background colour fills the spaces between content areas on the dashboard and resources pages. It should be a muted colour so as not to distract from the content of the page.

Banner image for the dashboard

This should be minimum 2800 pixels wide by 650 pixels high and be in JPG (best for photographs) or PNG (best for graphics) format.

Logo for the header on every page

Logos should have a transparent background and be in PNG format.

The header is a band of the primary colour (your main brand colour) across the top of the page, so choose a logo that is wide and not tall.

Logo for the login page

The login page has a white background so you might want to upload a different logo to appear here

Any questions?

Any questions about the new theme

Thank you for registering your interest. 

 Our Support Team will be in touch with you once the the work has been completed on your site, so that you can switch over at a time that suits you.

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